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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Jones said the US sporting goods manufacturer Nike are betting this summer during the World Cup than German rival Adidas-sponsored more top players to win overwhelm the other to be the first a big football equipment brands. Reuters website on May 28 reported that sports marketing research agency Repucom28????????????????????????, the world's most commercial appeal of Ten football star in six people being recruited into the Nike camp, Adidas signed only three, and another one is a relatively small brand Puma. reported that the Portuguese star C Ronaldo topped the rankings published in Repucom, about 84 percent of global respondents said they know that the Real Madrid striker's name. The year 2013 helped Nike brand ambassador sold more than one million shirts. ranked second in the Argentine star Lionel Messi is headed Adidas spokesman, according to Repucom data show that about 76 percent of global respondents knew the names of Macy's, and Macy played for Barcelona dismal performance of the season to make plum West's commercial appeal slightly discounted. It is reported that in January this year was crowned World Footballer of the C Lo's personal appeal by their tweets (Twitter) to help the account, he now has 26 million followers on Twitter, while Lionel Messi only has 2,000,000 followers . reported that, C Lo is not limited commercial appeal jersey he wore when he "Irina Shayk" bare and photo model girlfriend boarded the latest issue of "Vogue" magazine cover of the Spanish edition. However, since Adidas sponsored the C Luo played for the club Real Madrid, so will benefit from the appeal of the C Lo. Repucom founder Smith (sound), said: "Despite the (star) commercial appeal primarily to performance on the pitch, but it also involves a number of variables and performance week after week have a relationship inside and outside the stadium. " Smith added: "Players such as C Lo have some unique elements, if you can sell it for packaging, you inadvertently his care." reported that Nike need to do is launch C Luo and his girlfriend led commercials, film a group of boys playing in a community park, the last in a huge stadium with their hearts against football heroes, and scored a penalty, star lineup, in addition to C Luo, also including Wayne Rooney, England and other Brazilian Neymar Top Repucom market appeal of the top ten players. reported that Adidas 24th launch of the new commercials story is German player Bastian Schweinsteiger, Uruguay striker Soares and Alves and other rivals Bra Cheap air jordans for sale zilian players appear in Macy's dreams. But three players were not among the top ten Top Repucom market appeal star list. According to reports, the shoes, shirts and soccer equipment market has long been the leader of the Adidas brand is facing serious challenges from Nike, the latter being the world's largest sporting goods brands, heavily involved in football only 20 years. Adidas CEO Hainer (sound) recently said:. ". Football is our company's DNA to prove to the world that we want to know, we are the boss of football products in the field," he said, adding that during the current World Cup, adidas sold Soccer will be more than four years ago, South Africa World Cup, the number of shirts sold is roughly the same. Nike believes that it has sold more than football shoes Adidas, including the latter's homeland, Germany. Although Adidas is the official sponsor of the German team, but a lot of the team's players now wear Nike shoes, in May, Germany's game against Poland, the German team nine starters wearing Nike shoes. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Chinese shoes Network November 5 hearing, Ross's injury affects all of us, and he is back in like a soldier recently, the new season, we have reason to believe that the health of Ross will lead the Chicago Bulls team glory. But this time accompanied by the return of Ross and his foot shoes adidas Rose 3. So take this opportunity today to introduce a new color adidas Rose 3, we call it "Throwback". It is heard that the design inspiration from the classic drama "Fresh Prince", fluorescent green nubuck leather with blue edge modification, showing a defined fashion in the 1990s. The South Side and 773 words is a symbol of the details at the Rose used to live in the Chicago neighborhood, the overall design can be described as highly innovative.0.jpg (91.66 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-19 upload at 11:34 has always been to the minimalist style known for European footwear brand muro.exe, the day before for autumn and winter this year a new "DERMA" series. The design is mainly based on the ATOM low shoe model, which brings "Uncanny Valley", "Silicon" and "Minimal Cell" three simple and low-key color design. As the "second layers of skin on the foot", the brand is also made of lightweight, comfortable synthetic material that makes up the upper. In addition, the brand also comes with two colors per shoe laces, user-friendly collocation according to demand. 1.jpg (85.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-19 upload at 11:34 2.jpg (55.62 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-19 upload at 11:34 3.jpg (60.37 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-19 upload at 11:34 0.jpg (76.41 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-9-1 09:20 upload& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for Nike sued Adidas issue, yesterday Adidas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch sent to the newspaper said in a statement that as of yesterday 17:30, the company has not received a formal court documents . The Nike sued understanding is due to media coverage. Adidas noted that the company is the official sponsor of the Chinese Football Association and the national football team, while men's national soccer team Zheng Zhi Adidas is signing players, said the contract is fully in line with the law of the People's Republic of China, Zheng Zhi Adidas participation conduct commercial activities in line with the contract. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas believes that the court has not yet issued a formal notice before Nike hold a media briefing for the matter, is undoubtedly a market speculation. Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Zhu nearly Qian communications director, told reporters that the company's actions to protect their legitimate rights and interests. As to why the court has not yet delivered the notification Adidas, Zhu nearly Qian said, "It is possible, Chaoyang District Court accepted until Friday, it is likely that they inform the court by mail will be sent to Adidas, which requires a process." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on Friday, Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. announced in Beijing to unfair competition sued Adidas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Nike's indictment, in addition to Adidas as the first defendant, but with Nike had signed an exclusive sponsorship agreement for the national football player Zheng Zhi has become the second defendant. Nike, Adidas asked the court to stop all use of Zheng Zhi Adidas brand image promotion activities and commercial activities.A Bathing Ape x Tricker's Stow Boots now available 2013-12-08 22:33:04 A Bathing Ape's influence in fashion circles for all to see, but the brand is not satisfied with this, each year will still be a number of different brands together to launch a single product, according to incomplete statistics, the year of joint planning and cooperation on different brands not less than 20, but too much cooperation did not affect the quality of its launch joint list of products, each of cooperation can emerge, to bring you a fresh feeling. The footwear line is A Bathing Ape teamed up to introduce the famous British footwear brand & nbsp; Tricker's launch of the 2012 autumn and winter & nbsp; Stow Boots boots series. Tricker's is a British footwear brand a century gentleman, though has been for centuries, but it never legalistic, often in collaboration with other young fashion footwear brand launched models. So overwhelmed by these two brands of cooperation they will become a matter of course. This series gentleman sportsman winter essential in Stow Boots of shoes were introduced navy blue, red, green three versions, which use the full version of navy suede build, while the other two use high-quality leather. Fine gentleman carving patterns, rich color choices, durable and highly fashion sense Commando Sole outsole, not too many superfluous Bape traditional elements, such an exquisite men's boots touched everyone's hearts and minds can do? It is reported that this series of boots priced 75,390 yen each, Bape store was on sale.Kids?? Air Jordan 12 is Classically Colored Already in the midst of a hot streak ?? ??Flu Game?? and ??Wolf Grey?? and ??OVO?? and ??Wool?? ?? the Air Jordan 12 will keep... By Air Jordan 12 ??Wolf Grey?? | Official Photos This weekend??s a big one for releases ?? Charlotte X and Sunset Kobe 11 and on down the line ?? but next weekend??s not exactly... By Air Jordan 14 ??Oxidized Green?? | 2016 Edition! The 2016 Air Jordan 14 Oxidized Green release date is set! By Air Jordan 10 ??Charlotte?? Release 6/18 The Air Jordan 10 City Pack continues to proliferate this weekend, as the classic silhouette visits Buzz City for inspiration. By Air Jordan 7 ??Tinker Alternate?? On-Feet Photos An Olympic Air Jordan 7 will grace?shelves this weekend, once again evoking all the nostalgia and patriotic excitement of the 1992 Olympics. But not the... By Air Jordan 5 Is Easier Than Actual Olympic Gold From a statistical standpoint, you??re not likely to ever win an Olympic gold medal. By Air Jordan 30 ??Cosmos?? to Finally Release for Quai 54?! Almost unarguably the greatest Air Jordan 30 colorway we??ve seen so far, the Air Jordan 30 Cosmos appears finally set for a public launch. It... By The White Air Jordan 12 OVO Is Coming ?? p style=??text-align: left;??〉Last weekend, the white Air Jordan 12 OVO?arrived at Jordan Brand??s ??Flu Game?? pop-up shop in Salt Lake City, confirming what we already... By Air Jordan 10 Heads for Buzz City Saturday Buzz City births the next piece of the AJ10 City Pack ?? and in just a few short days. By 2016 Air Jordan 11 ??Space Jam?? in Detail At this point, you??ve heard the good news. The Air Jordan 11 Space Jam, one of the most prized basketball shoes of all time, is... By Nick Young a NBA post "shoe king Nick · this season; Yang exhibition hall" @ black dove asked to December 31st against the Bucks when his Air Jordan Lakers 6 is on sale? In fact, in 2010, the shoes were indeed sold in the city. 2014 is Air Jordan 6's big year, was born 23rd anniversary. Last year, Air Jordan 5 is the core of all kinds of shoes, don't note, black and white grape, black and white Lanny, charity, fear, Oreo, Rukawa Kaede, 3LAB5 and so on, so this year will launch a large number of AJ6, a year will have a new color hidden, in order to let everyone choose, which listed in the history about offering Air Jordan 6 of the 22 years, in February 15th 6 Sakuragi will be returned to JRs, get ready. 1991 Air Jordan 6 White Infrared/ Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared Air Jordan 6 Sports Blue Air Jordan 6 New Maroon "magic red color, somewhat confused with" cherry ", which is characterized by the tongue is red, lifting buckle is not black, 2014 is the first time it engraved, high degree of concern. Air Jordan 6 Carmine "carmine", also known as advertising color, when a group of plane advertisement is to wear this version, with a mirror reflection of the way reflects the charm of MJ, this pair of carmine is also remembered. 2000 Air Jordan 6 Olympicsince Jordan Brand announced that it will be re engraved Air Jordan 1 in 2008-2009 years, almost every few days there will be a new color exposure, and with the release of AJF 20, as if Laser began to pick up the trend. Recently, a new color Laser Air Jordan 1 again exposed. Brown shoes, a light colored Laser pattern plus Dichotomanthes bottom, and very low-key texture. In addition, the high design and velvet lining also make the Air Jordan 1 a notch. The recent exposure of Air Jordan 1 is based on Laser pattern design, but most of the colors are relatively exaggerated, and this pair of colors in the steady show of a lot of pure flying blood. download (150.16, KB)2008-10-19 Air Jordan download (104.2 KB)2008-10-19 Air Jordan white shoes, yellow and blue color warriors theme, ink in the bottom... A very familiar feeling there? right now, this is the UA for curry launched playoff color, presented a variety of details! this section will be officially released on the 22 day, the number is very rare, like the pro must pay more attention to it. so here comes the question. Which match did curry wear in this game?