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previously had Peach Jam Championship exclusive shoe items exposed, and now it seems that this year's championship shoes far more than this. KD 7, LeBron 11, Kobe 9, Elite, Low, Hyperdunk 2014 and other shoes are included, the colors are unique. in recent years, Jordan Brand attaches great importance to the development of women's shoes, relying on GS platform for large children's shoes launched special color matching aimed at female consumer groups. Recently, Air Jordan 13 launched a GS exclusive "Hyper Pink" color, the number of 439358-008. Black and white panda color forming upper and outsole with pink color, decoration. How can such a pair of shoes and "Panda" match the pair of shoes? Worth looking forward to. ; mention Ultra Boost, in addition to comfortable foot feeling, compared to its low-key color design is also memorable. This time, Adidas launched a new UB Adidas Ultra color Boost 3 LTD "Multicolor" color knit uppers seem to give a new visual experience, it is reported that this paragraph will be officially released in July 1st, interested friends do not miss ~The playoffs way James is good mood recently stride forward singing militant songs. From time to time on social media, RWTW With The (Roll Winners) for his partner, let a model. Hoodie with shorts retro style collocation, Nike Air Max 90, small series can not help feeling, old, you will really wear them!Although the abnormal winter this year hasn't officially entered into people's life, but the brand PUMA prepared a series of autumn and winter for reference, to make shoes with seasonal atmosphere, material and color is the decisive factor, this "Woven" contains a combination of XT-2 and basket two kinds of styles, with jacquard structure. On the cool color, with colorful white ink in the bottom is the common feature of the group will be on November 20th in the designated stores selling. news source: hypebeast on prospecting shoe, as one of the tour can travel around the local shoe store not added, the PUMA should be invited to Tokyo to interview the new shoes, Ignite will be released, travel is quite compact and in the busy Chinese new year, and the deadline of attack pre cheap air jordans online ssure fatigued by a long journey, PUMA arranged a pedestrian to Harajuku visit the store for me, but the rain, although it is part of the job, but also closer to the local shoe culture, this is my personal quite looking forward to the trip, step out to see the Harajuku station more than a hundred years of wooden building, me from the previous Japanese high-tech event to culture. Among them, the mood is quite comfortable! THE PUMA STORE Harajuku store from the station very close, almost impossible to get lost, very suitable as the starting point of the traveling shopping paradise, you can see the following stores basic information: store address: Tokyo Shibuya ward, or 1-13-14 in Harajuku shrine before the Japanese building JA (Google map) shop at the door to maintain PUMA distinctive red and white style, but I think we are curious about the store or those who are worth visiting the product, let Xiaobian help you summary of the day's story bar. shop door soft mat quite comfortable, I love a door you can have this welcome Jiaogan, haven't started shopping mood will get better. complete clothing and accessories, RBI outfit PUMA Harajuku store can find a full range of leisure clothing and handbags accessories surrounding, when small leaves can not help but buy a jacket and trousers, PUMA has a lot of single product appearance neat concise style, but have some ingenuity in details, will make people imperceptibly to start, do not believe you go to see.... puma-ignite-media tour-store-12puma-ignite-media tour-store-12 puma-ignite-media tour-store-2puma-ignite-media tour-store-2 puma-ignite-media tour-store-8puma-ignite-media tour-store-8 puma-ignite-media tour-store-40puma-ignite-media tour-store-40 of course, in the general product line, like the car elements of friends can not miss is with well-known super run Ferrari cooperation series, if not accustomed to eye-catching competitive sense, match 〉2017 PUMA fluorescent night running will be global synchronization theme packaging LED Taiwan friends ran into a new generation, starting from Taiwan to ignite the unique spirit of "TAIWAN IGNITE", on April 1, 2017 (six) first opened in Taipei, then jordan shoes online sale in April 8, 2017 (six) in Kaohsiung continued to run. In addition to the runners enjoy a wonderful night running experience, will further upgrade the elite group of competition, will challenge the elite group of 21K is divided into "21K elite group" and "21K" and the continuation of elite individual group, "free lottery registration" and "start" run group priority group privileges, at the same time in a limited way, called "top grade limited elite group ran", invite domestic and foreign elite athletes and runners with a team in the annual night running event. PUMA fluorescent night running in Taiwan held the ten session for a long time, accumulated more than about one hundred thousand runners participating, the night run to the world trend, has let Japan and South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries of the runners experience its unique charm in the local! The 2017 PUMA night run will continue to focus on quality events and fluorescent ideas as it moves into the new generation, with a trendy and friendly, comfortable night running environment. In addition to provide high-quality multiple international services, especially with the Grand Hi Lai Hotel and Gala Hotel Taipei cooperation planning accommodation facilities, launched 45% off night run fluorescent preferential accommodation project, so that every field runners have a more thoughtful and comfortable, can experience the local enthusiasm for the new run tour experience. 2017 PUMA provides the fluorescent night run elite group ran better and more friendly night running environment, in addition to the continuation of the "2016 21K" and combined with the elite group group audit registration form "registration", at the same time enjoy free lottery "first wave" starting advantage in each station events, more for the 21K elite team players exclusive Planning Award, let the champions participate in the elite group of competition team, PUMA will become an annual top elite run group. Expect by elite runners to group registration method, and fluorescent night running towards new milepost together. For more details about the registration process and information, please contact the event website, or c cheap air jordans all the event service hotline: enjoy marketing studio (02) 2503-9333#27. fixed annual in the summer debut of Nike Hyperdunk series, this year more heavily hit, in addition to the high tube general version, low Elite can choose more knitting socks, but finished many fancy color, also let a person want to return to the simple. Recently in the foreign debut of two black and white color, black and white, reminiscent of the concept of home court, the road, the color is India if love each other, "Yuanyang" or "Tai Chi" color friend, should be a good choice. buffer technology again this year on the Zoom Air, these calendars by Lunar and Zoom Air replacement, there are no operators, as well as small series, very looking forward to this year's configuration? But the two pairs of shoes have not yet been further reported, please be patient. source: sneakernewsadidas Basketball this year's development can be said to be heading for a new generation, we see both the soles of actual BOOST shoes came out one after another, in which Crazy Explosive is the new works amazing, very creative and has a top design rule configuration has also been a lot of praise in the combat effectiveness, to take a new generation of team basketball shoes signs. These days Crazy Explosive on the Internet is a low version of the exposure, reducing the height of your feet after a large workspace and dexterity will get promoted, first of all can be found in different boots the original structure, low version of shoe body is used directly in one design, but still maintain a single foot four of the lace hole setting, narrow the distance between each hole, keep fit and proper protection. it is reported that Adidas Crazy Explosive Low is scheduled to debut next year, priced at $120, looking forward to more perspective of the actual shoe map exposure! source: @inthegamesf10 really is a very long period of time, before Melo can cooperate with Jordan Brand this long player Ray Allen with Derek Jeter only, launched in this memorable moment of the shoes Jordan Melo M10 AJ XX8 specially invited design works such as Tinker Hatfield to be responsible, in details with the performance. Detailed discussi Cheap air jordans for sale ons with the Melo to create the double celebration of milepost of cooperation between the two sides, see Melo on the M10 film can also look through. V=cFSCM-CE0_A? as the alliance defending scoring, Melo can play multiple positions and unique style and famous, designed in collaboration with Tinker talking about their own inspiration and Hatfield, Anthony said: "from the foot shape model to small specifications, Tinker and I focus on every detail. We looked over years of design and inspiration evolution, and worked out the results and the ten years of development to work out the most powerful sneakers I've ever worn." The technical performance of / 〈br Melo's field technology and capabilities have had an important impact on the latest design of the Jordan Melo series. The new design incorporates Flight Plate technology to provide the fastest response through compression and rotation. Dynamic bonding and Flight Plate technology provide perfect locking and maximum performance for foot movement. unique design Jordan Melo to M10 with the side mold heel block is the biggest bright spot, made from grain nubuck leather uppers, make shoes look more advanced, and the Jordan Melo M10 has TPU heel stabilizer, to provide stability and support force. The heel stabilizer is designed to be plated with chrome, printed with the Jordan Melo sneakers designed for ten years ago, and the original Melo signature signature. talked about the unique look of Jordan Melo M10, and Melo commented, "when you look at this sneaker, the chrome is the first thing you see.". The design of the shoe toe into my name in the "M" element, and we design 10 years ago the first signature logo, we will create a pair of genuine anniversary shoes. 〈/brAt present Nike signing to LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and the four headed, and watched the NBA 2015 draft top two Karl-Anthony Towns and D Angelo Russell, "also announced before signing with Nike (D 'Angelo Russell in my own earlier confirmed sign contract), will join the ranks of the Basketball Nike, the two new Minnesota wolves and were added to the Losangeles Lakers, w Cheap jordans online ill inject new blood for Nike. , referring to the prospect of the new season, Towns said he hoped to lead the 11 year old gray wolf to break the ice. "If it's successful, it will be an important first step in my career.". The Russell, who is going to work with Kobe, said, "I want to play all of my potential and then put them into the game.". "." NBA every year there will be countless newcomers, and the two outstanding young players have also had the opportunity to start the new season before signing with Nike, let us look forward to the development of these two new people, perhaps in the future for a moment they can wear their own signature shoes. source: Nike earlier Cleveland ushered in the seventh war victory on the road, won the team history first NBA Championship gold cup, then also announced the launch of Zoom LeBron Nike Soldier 10 iD open fans made from the series of Game 4 of LeBron James is almost always wears Soldier 10 race, today's black gold version also became his letter the king boots, and he was elected Finals MVP awards, significance. Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier iD provides 10 optional metallic Nike Swoosh Logo, personalized font and black or white Velcro straps, will be in the United States on June 21st deadline for NIKEiD open, pricing has not been announced, following further information we will update and share to give you a prospecting shoe. And there is no NIKEiD customized service in Taiwan, so friends who want to have to start with foreign pipelines, simple process instructions can refer to the station's previous finishing report. source: NikeRugby World competition, sports brands at the same time, Nike also launched NIKEiD series "NEW BLOOD" Air Max 1 Hyperfuse to celebrate the feast of sports, shoes to the classic Air Max as the new Hyperfuse technology and ontology, in addition to Nike x Beats by shoes and Dr. Dre branded goods lively play. 2012-2-7 10:12 upload and download the attachment (174.11 KB) in fact, low sneakers in the strict sense is the summer things, but Nike LeBron 9 Low within a few months of frequent exposure of new products, this time once again exposed a new Nike LeBron 9 Low Obsidian / new fluorescent green color. This shoe body with Obsidian color and gray color of fuse material, the shoe body is also interspersed with a design of fluorescent green fly line, the tongue with gray, and collocation fluorescent green Swoosh and white bottom lining, still below the 360 Air Max aboard the Obsidian color window full palm cushion and the gray rubber outsole, overall color highlights low-key yet.retro sports wind Reebok will be in the spring of 2014 for the classic style Pump Omni Lite brings this brand new Vintage Chalk/Athletic Navy color. The entire pair of shoe soles in the design was used as retro color tone, with white rice with navy blue cotton leather mesh constitute a shoe body, with orange to multiple embellishment, and then carry the old bottom to do. The shoes will be officially released on January, has been available through the atmos Tokyo pre order, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. horse mystery / Nike 2014 "Year of the Horse" horse shoe series don't note preview Shuangsha / PUMA Disc Blaze Lite and Year s Eve "New" series of "don't note comments on a horse: mystery / Nike 2014 "Year of the Horse" horse shoe series don't note a preview of PUMA Disc / Blaze Lite silver Shuangsha "New Year s" Eve "series to do note foot camouflage : Converse recently in the 2013 winter, hand in hand with the Japanese street brand XLARGE, launched a pair of joint design shoes: XR991. The shoes to the classic Auckland Racer as version, draw inspiration from the uniform elements in the design, the deep blue suede shoes as main material, combined with the camouflage pattern of the nylon fabric all over the head, tongue, Logo and other details, followed by more use of red reflective material and on the sole as details of collocation, equipped with two in the bottom as the sole color white. The shoes will be available for sale in Japan on December. Navy camouflage duet / New Balance 2013 winter 576 navy blue color camouflage camouflage color? Shoe Gallery x Reebok into chaos / Classic Leather 30th anniversary " Flamingos at commemorative shoes; War" comments on A: Navy camouflage duet / New Balance 2013 winter 576 navy blue color camouflage a camouflage color? Shoe Gallery x Reebok into chaos / Classic Leather 30th anniversary " Flamingos at commemorative shoes; War"By the end of , the women's shoes brand was launching a flood of promotions. In the capital market, several women's shoes companies are often put together by investors. For example, the main business similar and similar customers BELLE International (13.86,0.02,0.15%, real-time quotes (01880.HK) and Saturday (002291.SZ). as of December 23rd, the market value of the two companies were HK $118 billion 923 million and $3 billion 623 million respectively. Saturday is small, but as an up and coming star, many market participants are still looking forward to it. So how do you view the investment value of the two companies? BELLE International: vertical integration model creates higher margin recently, the reporter went to the sixth department store is located in Shanghai city of Xujiahui, coincided with the Christmas sales season, crowded under quite lively. On the first floor, mainly for women's shoes counter. As a result of too many people, shopping guide personnel take shoes change shoes, seem to be in a hurry. in many brand shoes in the first floor, includes "BELLE (BELLE), TATA (he or she), SENDA (teemix, Senda) (Teenmix), STACCATO (Staccato) and many other brands are attributed to the BELLE group. This shows that BELLE International Women's shoes leading position and its so many brands are not unrelated. in fact, compared with Saturday, BELLE International's gross profit margin is also quite high. Reported that BELLE international footwear products gross margin was 68.8%, while the same period Saturday's gross profit margin was 52.45%. "BELLE has matured on the channel, so it can achieve better control over cost.". In addition, brand influence will also affect the company's gross profit, relatively speaking, BELLE and shopping malls in negotiations will have more powerful position. After Saturday's listing, is vigorously expanding channels, many new stores opened, so the discount will be relatively more, and this will affect the gross margin level to some extent." Liu Hongjun, a partner in management consulting, said. According to reports, BELLE international is able to have a higher gross margin, and also about its vertical integration business model, from all aspects of product design and development, production, marketing and promotion, distribution and retail chain by the company to complete all. ZARA, a global clothing giant, has adopted the same model. Oriental Securities analyst Shi Hongmei believes that the most direct advantage of this model is that companies can earn every link in the industry chain profits, enhance the company's gross margin. In addition, under the mode of vertical integration, the company can control the supply chain in a more timely, direct and effective way. in fact, BELLE goes.)Time: 2009-04-14 08:07 source: information times Author: Information Times: Recently, click on the official Chen Lin told reporters Guangdong customs, March Guangdong Province Import and export value of $44 billion 790 million, down 18.2%, a decline of more than January and February decline narrowed 12.9 percentage points and 1 percentage points, single month growth of 31.7%. "In March, labor intensive products export growth in general, including clothing and accessories exports 1 billion 650 million U.S. dollars, up 13.9% recently, official Chen Lin told reporters Guangdong customs, March Guangdong Province Import and export value of $44 billion 790 million, down 18.2%, a decline of more than January and February decline narrowed 12.9 percentage points and 1 percentage points a single month growth of 31.7% percentage points. single in March, labor intensive products export growth in general, including clothing and accessories exports $1 billion 650 million, an increase of 13.9%; footwear exports $840 million, an increase of 3.9%; bags and similar containers export $430 million, growth of 30.3%." Chen Lin introduced, in March of this year, Guangdong's import and export of major trading partners narrowed, in which the decline in trade between ASEAN and South Korea to reduce to 1 figures. In March, Guangdong shoe exports grew by 3.9% (Editor: admin).At the end of the sale of item: 378037-117 release date: December 2014 related information: